Gimme A Voice is a clothing company out of San Diego, California that seeks to unite and empower women to speak up for themselves in a world that is often quick to silence them. We use high-quality fabrics with our custom-designed shirts to send the message that the female voice is both unique and worthy of being heard. We all have a story, and individually, these stories are powerful, but when we give a voice to our life experiences, we allow that testimony to become a part of a larger sisterhood.

At Gimme, we believe that the female voice is a powerful force that, for too long, was both consciously and subconsciously urged into submission. Nearly two decades into the 21st century,  we are becoming more aware of the detriment caused by this imbalance. Our goal is to stand alongside the movers and the shakers who refuse to let the female voice be silenced. That is why we partner with local charities who actively support women who have been mistreated or abused. We currently donate 10% of all sales to our sisters at Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence.

Yes, we sell shirts. But, our brand is about so much more than a cotton-blend tee. Our shirts are simply vehicles for women to showcase that they refuse to stay silent. Our shirts serve as inspiration for women to find their voices, both as individuals and within the collective. We want to inspire women to speak their personal truths as a means of participating in the larger community. 

Because, we are strong, but together, we are stronger.


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