Our Team

Brandy Carrasco, Founder

Gimme is very personal for me. I created this brand for people like me; the shy girl, the introvert, the people pleaser, the girl that was raised on tough love, the girl that was bullied. 

Throughout my life, I never expressed what I wanted to say and I have suffered a great deal of stress and anxiety from that choice. I kept it inside, I held it in, and didn’t say a word. Until now. 

Gimme’s about giving people a voice and empowering them to say something they might never have expressed otherwise. The focus is to use your voice for expression, in a fun, creative, and non-confrontational manner.

Our voices are powerful and our words can impact others on a personal, professional, creative, and spiritual level.

Stephanie Kemp, Creative Director

Stephanie leads our digital marketing campaigns and is the creative powerhouse behind our brand development. She spent most of her twenties as a public school teacher and varsity basketball coach before finding her professional passion as a business consultant. She has a degree in English from the University of Colorado. Mountains are her jam. And, she doesn't like coffee. Seriously.

"I like to tell people that I've lived about seven lives in my three decades of existence because I don't know quite where to begin when people ask me how I got to this point. In my late twenties, I was unhappily married and struggled with defining terms like alcoholism and domestic violence. I cared deeply what others would think about me for walking away from a life that, on paper, looked damn near perfect. Then, one morning, I woke up. I realized that I had been lying to myself about the life that I really wanted, and I got sick of staring at the emptiness behind my eyes in the mirror. I walked away. I chose more. And, I promised myself that I would never be silent again for the sake of someone else's comfort. I have a voice. And, that voice matters. Sure, there are those who can't handle my words, but I choose to surround myself with the people who can."

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