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Candace Chisholm, Founder of She Changed It

Candace Chisholm, the Founder of She Changed It, an organization that showcases those who are changing their world, our world, and worlds around them.


Kristen Faith, San Diego, CA

"It all began in 2011 when I realized that I was a victim of domestic violence. After enduring years of all forms of abuse, I decided to save my own life by escaping and never looking back. I broke my silence on social media in hopes to inspire other victims living in silence to break free, and the outpour from men and women sparked me to create Break the Silence against Domestic Violence, the official 501c3 non-profit organization. I want to champion our cause across the country and beyond."

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Kayla Jagusch, New York City, NY

"I think a time where I’ve felt strong was after I left my job at a luxury fashion house and decided to start my own company, Shoe Talk. It was the first time I felt passionate about my job and what I was doing. Throughout this journey, I have been empowered by other women (friends/colleagues/strangers) who have done the same."

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Allie Pohl, Los Angeles, CA

"I feel empowered when I empower other women to feel confident in who they are- perfectly imperfect. I am a new mother and have never felt as strong and powerful as I did while giving birth to my son. Women are miraculous creatures."

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Leah Jo Turner, Louisville, KY

"I felt most like a lioness the very first time that I practiced yoga and realized that halfway through, I was free. I wasn’t worrying about how I looked and I wasn’t concerned about what others thought of me. It was the first that I ever felt fully present, not only within the space that I created but also within myself. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder at age 13 and have been in recovery since 19 years old. I’m now 23, a whole decade later, I finally am free."

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